Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2023

WASPI women celebrate major £100,000 milestone – ‘not going away!’ | Personal Finance | Finance

WASPI also said the Ombudsman has taken an “irrational approach” to examining the injustice maladministration caused.

Several people shared their personal experiences via the WASPI Crowdjustice page.

One person, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I did not receive any information from the DWP. There is no equality with my circumstances.”

A man named Peter stated: “My wife too has lost over £34,000 in lost DWP payments. Born in 1955, and like many other women she had no time to prepare for retirement. Albeit, she also had to work until she was 66.”

Susan wrote: “I left work at 58 due to health issues thinking I would receive my state pension at 60, but I had to wait another six years just because I was born in June 1955. If I had more notice and time to prepare I would not have had to live off my savings for six years, which have all now gone.”

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