Published On: Mon, Oct 24th, 2022

Queen Camilla’s ‘Edwardian cut’ pearl necklace at Ascot represents ‘femininity’

, 75, loves to wear pearl necklaces with diamond clasps as part of her accessories whenever she makes a grand appearance. The royal wore one of her favourite pearl necklaces to  on October 15.

Style experts have spoken to about the stunning necklace that the Queen Consort wore to the Ascot Racecourse last week.

Camilla loves horses and adores horse racing, a passion that she shared with the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was often seen attending events at Ascot.

The Queen Consort stepped out at the races in a navy and white dress, with a navy coat, accessorising with one of her signature pearl necklaces. 

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a close look at the necklace, revealing everything royal fans need to know.

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Maxwell Stone from Steven Stone commented to “It’s heartwarming to see Camilla, the Queen Consort stepping into Queen Elizabeth II’s shoes at Ascot Racecourse.

“Particularly because the two royals shared a love of horses and passion for horse racing.” The late Queen Elizabeth would attend the races as often as she could, making her love of horses very well known.

The expert continued: “Camilla stunned in her navy and white dress, though we couldn’t take our eyes off her pearl necklace.

“This was a piece that the Queen Consort must be especially fond of as she’s frequently seen wearing it to daytime events.” Queen Camilla often wears pearls at state dinners, Trooping The Colour, and also brought them out for the Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Queen Elizabeth II on September 12.


Mr Stone added: “The necklace features four strands of cultured pearls. Though cultured pearls are genuine pearls, they’re much less rare than natural pearls, which will reflect in the overall value.

“The pearls are linked by a round cluster of round Edwardian cut diamonds, with a combined weight of three carats.” The expert expanded on the hidden meaning behind the piece of jewellery.

He explained: “Edwardian jewellery represents femininity, making this a fitting piece for Camilla, who is a powerful and prominent social figure. 

“I’d estimate the piece to be worth approximately £50,000.”

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According to the experts, the centrepiece is a round cluster of round Edwardian cut diamonds, and Edwardian jewellery represents femininity, which is incredibly fitting for Camilla as she’s a powerful and prominent social figure.

The necklace has a combined weight of three carats and features four strands of cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are genuine pearls, produced by an oyster or mollusc, but with human assistance.

Steven Stone experts estimate the piece to be worth a whopping £50,000.

Pearls have a strong significance, particularly during periods of mourning, which became apparent in the aftermath of the late Queen’s death.

Mr Stone claimed: “Pearls have been long associated with royalty, so it’s no surprise to see Princess Anne and the Princess of Wales donning them. Princess Anne’s choice to wear her Grima Pearl Earrings was perhaps the most heartwarming.

“Gifted to her by her parents in the late 1960s, they possess a huge amount of sentimentality and have made appearances at some very important personal events in her life – including her first royal tour as an adult, in Australia when she was with her mother at just 19 years old, her wedding to Timothy Laurence in 1992 and to Prince Phillip’s funeral in 2021.

“Camilla’s choice of brooch during the mourning period was also incredibly poignant – particularly as it features a thistle, which is the national flower of Scotland, where the Queen passed away.

“Worth £75,000, the stunning piece features micro pave set stones and was gifted to Camilla by the late Queen.”

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