Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2022

Prince Louis gets his cheeky behaviour from ‘rebellious’ royal – but it isn’t Prince Harry

caused lots of mischief at the and an unearthed video suggests another royal had the same cheeky personality. However, although his uncle 38, is often referred to as “rebellious” and “cheeky”, it is not the Duke of Sussex that has influenced four-year-old Louis’ behaviour.

Prince Louis has become known for his mischievous behaviour and this was first spotted by royal fans during the Queen’s Jubilee. Louis was seen making faces, putting his arm over Kate Middleton’s mouth, and appearing to sulk during the summer celebrations.

But an unearthed video suggests that another royal might have had the same cheeky traits when they were young which could explain Louis’ so-called naughty streak.

The video suggests that it may have been Louis’ dad, Prince William, who gave him the characteristics. The footage shows William’s disobedient side as a child when he sulked as Princess Diana watched on.

The clip came from Kensington Palace and captured William’s stroppy behaviour as Diana told him to come inside after playtime.

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Surprisingly, he did not listen to his mother and instead stared at her without moving. It seems this was not the first time Diana had to deal with the irritable Prince as she knew exactly how to get him moving. 

Instead of convincing William to come inside, she said: “All right Harry will have all the fun then,” and she walks inside with the young Prince Harry.

Princess Diana expertly manoeuvred the situation and in no time William ran after her shouting, “No no no!” The young Prince clearly could not stand to imagine his brother having all the fun and ran all the way up to his mum, staying by her side as they all entered the palace together.

The video was shared on TikTok and has received over one million likes as royal fans enjoy the vintage footage. William was clearly cheeky when he was younger and it seems Louis is also heading in the same direction.


Body language expert Judi James spoke to about this vintage video showing William as a young boy with Princess Diana.

She said: “With all the ongoing PR attempts to smear Diana by painting her as ‘flawed’ and worse, this cute clip of her acting like a very calm, caring but also smart and drama-free mother could be described as a timely reminder of the woman a whole generation fell in love with back in the day.

“Carrying Harry on one hip in a gesture of utter confidence that leaves him clearly feeling safe while also keeping her left hand free, Diana navigates her older son William’s mini-rebellion with a firmness that prevents a sulk from upgrading into a full-on tantrum.

“There are no signals of annoyance, impatience or exasperation from Diana. Neither her vocal tone nor her pace alters as she turns her back to let William know she’s not going to engage in his rebellion.

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“But instead she suggests the fun he will be missing out on if he stays out there in the bushes, a trick that brings him out of his ‘hide’ and running in after her in record time.

“She had also previously been playing with the boys on their slide and climbing frame, using the kind of relaxed and synchronised mutually-tactile behaviour that suggested this playing was a normal part of the boys’ lives.

“Rather than an uncommon, performed display for the cameras before they were put back into the care of a nanny.”

Royal fans first spotted Prince Louis’ cheeky behaviour after he stole the show during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

First, the young Prince was told by his sister, Princess Charlotte, to wave less energetically from their carriage at Trooping the Colour.

Next, he seemed to have a comedic conversation with the late Queen on the Buckingham Palace balcony. On the final day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the Prince sat next to his mother during the Pageant.

The Princess of Wales tried to calm him down as he pulled silly faces. According to Stephanie Wallis, the founder of Safe and Sound Event Childcare, Prince Louis coped “amazingly well”.

She clarified: “Almost stationary for several hours is not what a four-year-old does; they are always busy, so it’s not surprising that Louis was vigorously waving at times. Like any unusual activity, sitting in a carriage will start off as great fun but after a little while the novelty will start to wear off, but Louis did amazingly well!”

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