Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2023

Prince Harry on Stephen Colbert is ‘on the top of his game’ in new video clips

More clips from Prince Harry’s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert have been shared by the program’s Twitter account. In them, the royal plays a game with the show host where he answers questions.

He told Colbert and the audience that he believes humans are reincarnated when they die, and that we would like to come back, ideally, as an elephant. He said his favourite action movie is Gladiator and his favourite smell is his wife.

Harry revealed he is a dog man and did an impression of a hissing cat, which seemed to amuse the audience. He also cheekily joked he had dinner plans with Colbert’s wife.

So how did Harry fare in these clips from his round on The Late Night show circuit? According to body language expert Judi James, the 38-year-old prince seemed to enjoy the show, and came across as a “professional”.

The royal leaned on his “lifelong love of banter” to have fun with the host and make the audience laugh. But there is one moment, in the body language expert’s opinion, Harry doesn’t enjoy so much – the moment the host mentioned his family.

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Judi told Express: “So here we have it: relaxed, affable, confident and charming, this is Harry on top of his game and clearly leading the kind of life of fame and celebrity.

“Harry’s signals suggest he is adoring the attention and siding with and working the audience like a professional. He is steering this interview carefully and cleverly, giving Colbert clear hints that he is a man of the world and beyond embarrassment, using stories like the way the England Rugby team were all naked when he asked for their autographs to go one step further than Colbert in terms of daring anecdotes and references.

“The way he adds ‘obviously’ after some of his answers like a sarcastic teenager only helps to get the audience on his side.”

The body language expert also praised Harry’s acting skills in the quick-fire question round. She said: “Harry’s lifelong love of banter is serving him well here, too. He is faster to the joke or punchline than Colbert much of the time and gets the best laughs, even at Colbert’s expense.

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“He loves acting, too. It’s unlikely those quick-fire questions would be new to Harry but he manages the thinking pauses like a pro.”

However, the body language expert claimed: “There is only one moment when the fun seems to die from Harry’s eyes and facial expression and that is when Colbert tells Harry how his wife adores the royal family in the UK.

“Harry’s answer sounds formal here and a slightly hard stare looks like the kind of old-fashioned glance the actual royals excel in to hint a mark has been over-stepped and that the conversation should move on.”

The new clips came after Harry and Meghan were spotted in Hollywood, heading out for an evening at a private members club where French fries cost $12. Judi told Express Meghan looked “vulnerable” after the South Park episode mocking the royal couple.

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