Published On: Tue, Nov 1st, 2022

Meghan Markle shares her and her family’s morning routine in Montecito

In the latest episode of Archetypes, the host spoke to American actress Pamela Adlon. The two women discussed being mothers and wives to their respective children and husbands, and Meghan shared what mornings are like in her Montecito home.

Meghan lives with Prince Harry and their two children, Archie and Lilibet, in a mansion in Montecito in California.

With two kids under five, it is unsurprising that Meghan’s mornings are “rushed”. She told Pamela that she starts the day doing various things at once, but, she added that making breakfast for her family is “very important” to her.

Meghan said: “So the morning rush I’m sure it’ll only get more chaotic as they get older.

“But for me, it’s, you know, both monitors on for the kids to hear them, always up with Lily, get her downstairs, then a half hour later Archie’s up.

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She said: “I was studying for it and I remember going, ‘oh my goodness’. I would ask my husband, ‘did you know this? Did you know this?’. And he would say, ‘I had no idea’.”

In the podcast episode, Meghan also spoke about her pregnancy – another insight into her life she shared with fans.

The Duchess mentioned Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying: “She’s the type of person who cares really deeply about her friends.

“She used to send me these little meditations during my pregnancy and voice notes, just these moments of encouragement and I’ve gone to her over the years for advice. She knows what it feels like to be a mum and a partner, and specifically a mom and a partner in the public eye, and also how crushing the guilt of expectations can become.”

Meghan also spoke to her guest about their friendship at one point in the episode, recalling the time they first met.

She said: “It was Gloria Steinem’s birthday lunch at a mutual friend’s home.

“And I remember my friend said if you want to just come Gloria’s having a birthday lunch and I thought, okay, great, this will be casual like when I go and sit with her at the cottage, not realizing it’s a bit of an extravaganza and I haven’t gotten out of the house in a long time at that point, and I’m pregnant.

“I was so nervous when I walked in and just saw this room full of women, and you came up to me and you said something that was just so affirming.”

“No, but honestly, you have no idea what that moment meant to me,” she added, and Pamela said she was “so proud” of Meghan.

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