Published On: Fri, Nov 4th, 2022

How to get volume in hair: 15 second hack for ‘instant’ thick and lush hair

Beauty fans are heading to TikTok in search of methods to make their hair look voluminous and lush. How to give volume to roots in a search with over 3.1M on the app.

One hack, in particular, has taken root, with thousands trying it and finding it boosts the volume of their hair. The hack simply involves using a brush, some hot air, and some cold hair on already dry roots.

First, place your brush about two inches from your parting and then push it towards the parting, creating some lift. Then, using a hair dryer, blast the hair with hot air for five to eight seconds. Then blow the same section with cold air for three to five seconds.

The hack has been dubbed a “trick that all girls must know” by Holti Beauty, which amassed almost half a million likes on their viral video, which had 10.6M views. Other TikTok users vouched for the hack, and one said: “I’ve been doing that for decades.”

“Might have to try this for my volumeless hair,” another said, while another commented, “I’m gonna try this!”

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Why does this hack work so well? It’s all about hair chemistry and the application of heat. Hot air is ideal for styling the hair, essentially shaping it into the look you desire. Cold air is ideal for locking that style in place.

This is because hot air makes hair more malleable by loosening the bonds in the strands. The cool air then locks these bonds in place.

This hack works so well because of the application of hot and then cold air. Most hair dryers now have hot and cold settings, but if yours doesn’t, using just the hot air and holding the brush in place until the hair cools could help.

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If it’s shiny and glossy ends you are after, why not try this natural hack to repair split ends overnight?

The hack for shiny hair has been going viral on TikTok. “Hair slugging” sees the application of natural oils to the hair before heading to bed.

TikTok user Monique Rapier is a hair and beauty influencer with 300k followers on Instagram and over 433k followers on TikTok. She described the hair hack as “the best thing ever”.

In a video, which has currently amassed 39.7k likes, Monique shows how to do the hack at home with nothing more than some natural hair oil and a sock.

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