Published On: Sat, Nov 12th, 2022

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for November 13


You and a partner need to have a serious talk. You’re thinking about the future and you need to know you share similar goals and intentions. If your aims are unrelated, you will both need to work out where you might go from here and whether it will be in a similar direction together or is it time to part.


You can see a difference your help is making as you guide someone who has been struggling towards making a better life for themselves. This will feel rewarding. The lesson you have learned through this is that all problems and difficulties have solutions. Challenges can be overcome.


Contact with someone who is new to your life may be fleeting; it may only be a quick introduction but this person will have a lot to do with your private hopes and plans in the future. There is therefore some importance attached to the new faces that join your social scene today.


Don’t be reluctant to take shortcuts if that’s what it might take to complete a job. You want to make a good impression. You’re working like a Trojan but is it really necessary to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s?


Steer clear of other people’s problems especially if money is involved. If a friend has a grievance over money, leave them to it. A housemate will make your day extra bright but someone you work with will need subtle but firm guidance in order to encourage them to concentrate on the job in hand.


There’s nothing that would make you feel worse than not being there for someone when they really need you. A close friend or relative could do with some support. Even if you feel they have brought some problems on themselves, keep your thoughts to yourself. They need some guidance, not opposition.


A friend or relative will offer some sensible suggestions but you might take this the wrong way. Before flying off the handle and accusing them of interfering, think about what they are saying and you will see they have your best interests at heart.


Someone in the family is wondering whether to start a new venture. You’re growing tired of the way they constantly try to get you interested in their ideas. You know fine well they’re only trying to repeat something that already failed in the past and you won’t want to waste your time.


Sticking with an arrangement, relationship or situation that is bringing you little happiness will only deprive you of joy you could be finding elsewhere. Think about why you are starting to feel trapped, unhappy or lonely. Is it possible that with a little more effort a friendship that may be lacking in some way could be made more interesting?


Every move you make is a little mosaic piece in the wider story. Keep going as you are and you will build a beautiful tapestry of so many layers and so much warmth. Friends respect your serious side and your determination to get things done.


There are a number of stupid and silly ideas going around. Even so, no-one is going to thank you for telling them they’re being unrealistic or they’ve got it wrong. A diplomatic approach will make a world of difference and this is where patience and common sense can guide you.


Sparks will fly between you and someone you are attracted to. If you are single and haven’t done anything about this yet, is it time to take the initiative and invite romance into your life. If you are already in a relationship you might need a little more time to sort out your confused feelings.

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