Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2023

Half of mums want to spend quality time with their family this Mother’s Day

Mums have revealed what they really want for Mother’s Day – time with their family. A poll of 2,000 mums found that, more than anything else, 51 percent simply wish for quality time with their partner and children this mothering Sunday.

One in four say they don’t have enough spare time to spend with their kids due to work taking over (65 percent), having too many chores (58 percent), and not enough hours in the day (46 percent).

As a result, 16 percent are keen to make new memories with their sons and daughters on March 19th.

Free time was also cited as one of the Mother’s Day must-haves, as 58 percent wish they generally had more of this – with 40 percent getting an hour or less to themselves each evening.

The research was commissioned by Moonpig, which teamed up with LEGO to create the “Time Tokens for Mum” booklet, available with any LEGO products purchased from the card retailer.

The tokens feature a series of blank vouchers for partners and kids to fill out, giving mums free time to enjoy however they want.

Erica Tain, senior gifts buyer at Moonpig, said: “With everything they do for us, it’s important that the mother figures in our lives feel special on Mother’s Day.

“So, if they just want some quality time with family, or simply time away from their busy schedules – let’s give them exactly that.

“The “Time Tokens for Mum” booklet is a playful way to give them some moments of their own, and enjoy the day their way.”

During a typical week, mums will spend an average of one hour and 16 minutes tidying the house, 53 minutes cleaning the bathroom, and 54 minutes helping children with homework.

A further hour is spent taxiing their offspring to places they need to be, while they dedicate 66 minutes each week to getting them ready for school.

But even those who share the load with a partner admit they still find themselves with too much to do (73 percent).

Although 82 percent said tag-teaming is the key to managing life admin, holding down a job, and parenting all at the same time.

The study, carried out via OnePoll, found 32 percent of mums wish they could have time out for themselves and drop everything to enjoy some time off.

And one in five wish they had almost double the amount of free time they currently have.

Some of the top things they would like to do in peace include doing a much-loved hobby (25 percent), practicing mindfulness (11 percent), and even going to the toilet (10 percent).

Other simple pleasures they would like to do uninterrupted include reading a book (42 percent), watching TV (44 percent), or doing a hobby or creative activity (30 percent).

And when it comes to spending time with their little ones, the things they enjoy most include watching movies (50 percent), cooking (37 percent), and playing games (34 percent).

And 17 percent said building LEGO sets was one of their favourite activities to do together.

Zach Leung, brand manager of the LEGO group, said: “With busy schedules and a constant to-do list, we understand it can be difficult for mums to find the time to reset and recharge their batteries.

“We hope the new booklet we’ve launched in partnership with Moonpig will be a great way to help parents do exactly that this Mother’s Day.”

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