Published On: Fri, Nov 4th, 2022

George RR Martin confesses which Game of Thrones story HBO passed on becoming new show | Books | Entertainment

When Game of Thrones was coming to an end in 2019, fans were eagerly awaiting news of a spin-off. There have been a number in development at HBO over the past few years including a Jon Snow sequel series starring Kit Harington and also 10,000 Ships. The latter follows the voyages of warrior queen Princess Nymeria, who goes on to found Dorne.

Others are 9 Voyages, which follows Corlys Velaryon on the Sea Snake and a project based upon Flea Bottom, the poorest slum in King’s Landing. Martin has said that some of these may never see the light of day, but others do get further on in the creative process.

A prequel set thousands of years before Game of Thrones called Bloodmoon shot a $30 million pilot starring Naomi Watts, but was never green-lit.  Instead, House of the Dragon went ahead straight away, but there was another show that didn’t make it past George RR Martin’s pitch stage at the time.

Interestingly, although HBO passed on Martin’s pitch for a Dunk and Egg show back in 2016, a series is now in early development like the other potential spin-offs to follow House of the Dragon.

Back in 2021, Steve Conrad was attached as a writer and executive producer on a Dunk and Egg show. There’s currently no further news on the series, but fans will be crossing their fingers that it gets green lit. 

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