Published On: Sat, Nov 12th, 2022

Freddie Mercury: Queen song he felt made the band ‘the closest we’ve ever actually been’ | Music | Entertainment

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of Queen’s final line-up when John Deacon joined the band as bassist. To celebrate their half-century, a special 50-part YouTube miniseries called Queen The Greatest was officially put out each week for a year, drawing over 15 million views from fans. Now as The Miracle Collector’s Edition is set to release next week, a two-part special on the making of the album had been made, with the first available to watch below.

When The Miracle released in May 1989, it had been two and half years since the last Queen album. Yet it was a break that was seriously needed for the band.

Deacon said at the time: “The wait from 1986 I think, really, was after we did the [Magic] tour, we were all absolutely exhausted and, basically, we didn’t want to really work together or see each other for a while. And then, towards the end of that second year, we sort of met up and Freddie suggested we try a little time in the studio. We were refreshed from having two years off, and that helped get the album off to a good start.”

Queen’s manager Jim Beach confirmed this, saying: “They became closer and closer without any doubt at all, and the sharing of writing credits was a major breakthrough.”

Freddie added: “We’d decided that we’d only come back together if we really wanted to, and it felt like the early days to us, and that’s why we got very excited and said ‘Oh yes! This is going to be great’, and out came a whole load of tracks.  In fact, I think I seem to remember we had to choose from something like 30 tracks to get down to this last 10.”

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