Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2022

Energy saving tips: Save more than £700 a year switching appliances | Personal Finance | Finance

Parv Sangera, managing director at The Bathroom Showroom suggests: “A person who changes from showering for eight minutes daily to four minutes daily could however save roughly £110 on their water bill over the course of the year.

“For a family of four, this hack could lead to a saving of £430 over the course of a year.”

Opt for an electric blanket

With an increasing number expected to face “fuel poverty” this winter, campaigns, such as Money Saving Experts’ “Heat the human not the home” are on the rise, in a bid to help people cut down on central heating usage to reduce energy bills.

One way suggested to tackle this is to invest in an electric blanket, as these are said to cost far cheaper to run.

According to Ofgem, one kWh of electricity now costs approximately 52p. Based on an electric blanket with an approximate power of 150W, it could cost as little as 7.8p to run one at full power for an hour.

SO-SURE experts said: “It costs a medium household approximately £609 a year to power central heating, so even if you were to use an electric blanket for four hours a day every day during the winter, you would only spend £297.60 per year, with huge savings to be made.”

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