Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2023

DEAL OF THE DAY: Salter’s air fryer is £120 cheaper than Ninja and ‘cooks to perfection’

It’s become clear that there are much cheaper cooking methods than using a normal oven, and an airfryer is one of the lowest energy options.

Salter has been selling high-quality scales, kitchen accessories and appliances since 1760, and are competing with much more expensive brands.

The range includes slow cookers, steamers, pizza ovens and more, but the Aero Grill Air Fryer and Grill is currently on sale and with prices rising, there is no better time to invest than now.

The Ninja Foodi Heath Grill and Air Fryer is a popular product on the market, but at £199.99, it’s £125 more expensive than the Salter version.

Air fryers cook food more quickly than ovens and are more energy-efficient than ovens due to the smaller size, plus they require little to no oil, to give a much healthier way of cooking than frying, while still making food crispy.

The Aero Grill can reach up 265 degrees and features a large six litre capacity, which is great for cooking meals for the whole family.
Five cooking modes:

  • Grill function
  • Air fry mode
  • Roast setting
  • Bake function
  • Dehydrate mode

The digital touch display can be used to select cooking functions and adjust temperature with ease, and the sleek, modern design will fit into most kitchens.

Size: 30.5 x 39 x 28 cm
Capacity: 7 litres

Shoppers on are praising the air fryer, with some comparing it to Ninja.

Pau Paul said: ”I am still finding my way with this product but so far so good. Relatively easy to use and it came with instruction booklet and recipe booklet. Food cooks to perfection as per the guidelines offered in the guide. The machine is also so easy to clean which is a bonus as some other products I have used are quite difficult to clean.”

The Hall’s commented: ”Great bargain and introduction to air fryer s, need practice. Cooked a full chicken last week and it was delicious.”

Lynne also added: ”A worthy competitor against Ninja. Love it! Easy to use & clean afterwards. Sits nicely on the worktop & I’m sure once I have fully investigated & used all it’s functions it will be an indispensable piece of equipment.”

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