Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2022

Brian May celebrates incredible new honour from King Charles | Music | Entertainment

Brian May already has a spectacular array of industry awards and records. The nation has also garlanded the rock icon with a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) back in 2005. This is the highest of the three standard honours starting with an MBE, then OBE and finally CBE that are awarded by the nation. His bandmate Roger Taylor currently has an OBE. But today, a new honour has been announced, raising May’s rank to Sir. SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE FULL OFFICIAL CITATION

In the latest honour’s list, the musician has been awarded a Knighthood for his contributions to music and charity. This means he is now entitled to style himself Sir Brian May although he already mused that perhaps he will just be “Sir Bri.” It also elevates his wife, Anita Dobson, who may now style herself Lady May.

In response to the news, May said: “I’m happy and grateful to receive this honour. I will regard the knighthood not so much as a reward, but more as a charge – a commission – for me to continue to fight for justice – to be a voice for those who have no voice.  I will endeavour to be worthy – to be that Knight in Shining Armour.”

The new honour from King Charles and the nation is simply the latest in a ling line. May and Queen’s links to the royal family, of course, go back decades. 

Twenty years ago the guitarist made history as the first musician to play on the roof of Buckingham Palace. His guitar solo remains an iconic moment but at the time, May recalls the Palace originally wanted something very different.

In an episode of the Queen YouTube mini-series Queen The Greatest, May said: “They said originally, would you come and play a version of God Save The Queen, strolling through the state rooms of Buckingham Palace and in the style of Jimi Hendrix? Now there’s a few things in that I didn’t feel comfortable about. I mean, trying to be Jimi Hendrix is one of them.

May added: “And then I had this thought, I remember waking up with the thought the next day,and I thought where I need to be is not strolling through Buckingham Palace rooms, but up the top. I need to be on the roof. I need to be the lone piper who’s been up there for the last 50 years in wind and rain. Grizzled old campaigner still playing. So I rang them up and suggested it and they went, ‘Yeah, OK.'”

And then earlier this year, Her Majesty herself provided the iconic intro to Queen’s performance at her Platinum Jubilee Party at the Palace as she tapped her teacup in the instantly recognisable opening to We Will Rock You.

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