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Black Panther Wakanda Forever’s ending twist prevents major X-Men hero’s introduction | Films | Entertainment

WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The final moments of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever showed Shuri (Letitia Wright) officially taking over as the new protector of Wakanda. After defeating Namor on a beach somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, she continued working on getting past the grief of losing her brother, T’Challa. But the film’s final stinger had massive repercussions for the future of Wakanda.

Shuri visited Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) in Haiti, where the assassin has been living for the past six years.

After Shuri burned the funeral robes she wore to T’Challa’s tribute ceremony (a Wakandan tradition) she was introduced to someone special: A little boy.

The boy revealed his name was Toussaint. Nakia then broke the news that he was T’Challa’s secret son. Even more of a blow was that her mother, Queen Ramonda, knew about it.

What’s more, the young boy revealed his real name was Prince T’Challa, son of King T’Challa.

Although this touching last moment is a wonderful way to continue the story of T’Challa and the Black Panther, it does beg some questions about the future of the Marvel series.

In the Marvel Comic Books, T’Challa does have a son, but he isn’t named after him.

Instead, his son is named Azari. But that isn’t the only difference.

In the original source material, Azari is the son of T’Challa and his wife at the time, Ororo Munroe – the X-Men warrior better known as Storm.

Before becoming part of Charles Xavier’s hit squad, the weather wizard was an African queen who ruled over her own kingdom.

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With that said, T’Challa II’s arrival may be a great thing for the MCU.

Considering the character is not in the comic books at all, he is a completely new creation for the series.

This means almost anything could happen for him. Much like Sylvie / Lady Loki, who was introduced in the Loki Disney Plus series, this also means there is a lot of potential for his character going forward.

Fans will simply have to wait and see how T’Challa II will make an impact on the series going forward.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is in cinemas now.

Black Panther is available to watch on Disney Plus now.

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