Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2022

Asda: Customers rage over major change to products

Alysha Fletcher said: “Only issue this creates is when you have a large family, you cannot buy what you need. Means I would need to do two separate shops or take hubby shopping with me so he had one trolley and I had another as we are a family of five, with three teenage children.

“And we do monthly food shopping. And taking hubby shopping just creates more stress because he will chuck non listed stuff in and cost me a fortune lol which means I will have to do two lots of shopping over two days (it’s a bit of a trek in the car to do twice in one day).”

However, some customers praised the new initative. Emily Morgan wrote: “I know it’s annoying but I think it will settle down once Asda have data on how much they need to keep up with demand.”

Marks Strong said: “Sensible.”

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