Published On: Tue, Oct 4th, 2022

Amsterdam review: A gripping historical mystery that may spread itself too thin | Films | Entertainment

It becomes difficult to be fully convinced of the characters when the people portraying them are so well-known in their own right, and for cast members like Taylor Swift — who rarely appears in cinema — the effect is even more disconcerting. 

This unintentional impact truly is a travesty, detracting from the undeniably brilliant plotline, revealing a rarely-seen side of post-war life. But, with that said, the highly-stylised script does require more concentration than audiences have become used to in recent years. 

The dark undertones of a post-war setting make some of the comedic moments feel a bit forced, but Amsterdam still delivers an unforgettable exposé on the flawed human condition, somehow with a gentle touch.

These brief glimpses of humanity are, however, sprinkled with shockingly gory moments rarely seen outside horror or medical drama genres (Bale’s character Dr. Burt Berendson, for example, engages in uncensored autopsies of his fellow veterans, often making for uncomfortable viewing).

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